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Welcome to Yes We Do, "Do Windows".



We can help you with your commercial & residential cleaning services...

  • We specialize in hard-to-reach windows, skylights, chandeliers, and light fixtures.
  • We pressure wash homes and grounds.
  • We clean gutters & flush down spouts.
  • We can restore your stone and marble floors to brilliance.
  • We professionally stain Mexican pavers.
  • We specialize in grout colorants.
  • We clean carpets, upholstered chairs, and more...
  • We work with realtors transforming homes into "mint" sales condition.
  • We are famous for our Christmas light service.
  • We also do construction clean-up, commercial and residential.

We are locally owned and operated. Yes We Do, "Do Windows!" takes pride in providing the extra effort to keep your space looking to the highest standard. We personally guarantee all of our work. Please take a look at our detailed services section to see exactly how Yes We Do, "Do Windows" can help you.



Below is a list of California cleaning services that we at Yes We Do, "Do Windows!" offers:



California Window Cleaning

Ever wonder how to clean the outside of the skylight, or the windows that stretch to the top of the vaulted ceiling?  How about removing tough grime without streaking?   Today’s technology in tools and purified water systems makes this job easy for the professional.  Let us un-muddy your view today!



California Pressure Washing

Nothing removes mold and stains off of driveways and walkways better.  A pressure wash also reduces the number of times you have clean windows!   That’s because rain does not dirty windows, but the dirt on exterior walls that the rain drags onto the windows.  Pressure washing the exterior walls is the best solution by cleaning the walls that also make your windows dirty.



California Carpet Cleaning

Many people, like the client who owned these carpets, are quick to assume that stain damage is irreversible.  On the contrary, today’s technology can make even the toughest stains disappear.  Needless to say, the expense of a good carpet cleaning is far less than the cost of new carpeting.


California Grout Coloring

Many times dissatisfaction with a surface can be pinpointed to the grout.  Discolored grout can steal the beauty from tile surfaces.  Many times, the color of the grout can detract from the surrounding material and a simple change of color will solve the problem.  Let us show you some cost-effective options.

California Gutter Cleaning

Property owners often overlook maintenance of gutter and downspout systems.  When clogs develop in the system serious problems can occur such as stains on the exterior of the building or flooding within the walls themselves. Having the gutter and downspout system cleaned and flushed is essential for the longevity of any gutter system.

California Linoleum Restoration

People mistakenly assume that only higher-end flooring, like wood and stone, can be refinished. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Modern technology makes it possible to restore the original luster and shine to linoleum flooring preventing the expense and headache of having new flooring installed.

California Surface Sealing

Marble, granite, stone- there are a multitude of surface materials and the number of sealants is staggering.  These products are tailored to suit the demands of very specific materials and application methods can vary greatly.  Each surface requires its own tailored approach.  Let a trained expert select and apply the right sealant for your needs.

California Wooden Deck Restoration

The common myth is that if wood looks bad it needs to be replaced.  In reality the appearance of wood can fade quickly while the wood maintains its integrity.  Replacing a deck merely because it looks tired and worn is foolish. Restoration will not only renew the wood to its true color but will also help extend the life of the wood.

California Marble Restoration

When marble becomes damaged the situation often looks hopeless.  The client who called with this job was ready to give up and replace everything! Today’s technology makes even some of the worst damage reversible.  Before you decide to replace damaged marble work give us a call.

California Granite Restoration

This stone has earned a reputation for toughness and durability.  Yet, even granite can lose its polish and color.  Most people fail to notice because the deterioration is incremental over time. Having a granite surface sealed will renew the original color and protect the stonework in the future.

California Chandelier Cleaning

Over time, dust and other particles can build up and cause the shine on your intricate and fragile crystals to dull.  Yes We Do, "Do Windows!" takes pride in carefully cleaning your chandelier and restoring it to its original sparkling condition.

California Christmas Lighting

Please do not underestimate the danger of hanging lights without the assistance of a professional.  Call a local hospital and ask how many people sustain serious injuries every year doing this task alone.  Show us your plans, put your feet up, and let us do the ladder work for you. We promise you’ll have a happier holiday.